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  Tiffany Jacot is a food and architectural photographer living in Durango, Colorado. Coming from a strong background in restaurants and a deep love for the camera, exotic cuisine, and character-driven architecture, Jacot has found a way to merge her passions into a photography business centered around the food industry. A long-term exploration of art and design has enabled her to serve clients such as Birds, Down The Rabbit Hole, and Bitchin Cookies. The last of which featured her work in the Durango Herald. Tiffany’s intuitive knowledge of color, texture, composition, mood, and the psychology of images is well represented in her portfolio and distinct amidst the currently saturated image and design environment. Tiffany would love to work with you, check out her pricing page for quotes, click here to see more of her work, and contact her at Tiffany@AFartist.com.