Sutcliffe Vineyards



SEPTEMBER 10, 2018

The Harvest Dinner. An annual event held by Sutcliffe Vineyards to celebrate the harvest of the grapes and release of new vintages; a coursed meal paired with old world style, genuine wines made by the intimate Colorado vineyard, set amongst the vines, fruit trees, and farm dogs. The 2018 edition featured the progressive introduction of carousel-like courses, wherein the guests rotated to different locations for each new pairing. A fun, interactive, and innovative way to keep everyone on their toes. Literally.

This was my third year participating in the production and my first year as the photographer. Well, actually, its was my first time ever as “The Photographer”, a role that I found easier to act out after being introduced to the guests as such. As with any new thing, it took me quite a few photos to find my place. It was a strange world I was in; having to create the bridge between the person I once was, around people who knew me as such, and the person I am becoming. To give background, my initial year at the dinner began with me holding my own glass of wine as I greeted the attendees. The rest of the night was spent in a haze of well crafted, red blends and I may be the reason why for the following event the staff wasn’t allowed to partake in consumption. But to say “I” in reference to that person doesn’t seem right. The truth is, I’ve made so many internal strides since then and pushed myself far beyond any boundaries that existed for me. The challenge that was presented in this moment was easily overcome by a stronger desire to be the thing I know I have the potential for. A session surrounded in a beautiful setting, with beautiful people, was proof to myself that the old can lend its hand to something new.

Tiffany Jacot