Cahal Pech, Belize

July 14, 2018

Ok. I was in Central America. I was, in fact, surrounded by “the most incredible Mayan/ early collective civilizations ruins” and I opted out of going to all of them. They appeared to be more like amusement parks than anything else and I just didn’t get the urge. How unworldly of me. But then while staying at a hostel in San Ignacio, Belize a few of the locals recommended Cahal Pech to me. It was walkings distance and a rather intimate location. So just to have the opportunity of saying, “I went”, I went. And I’m so happy I did. It was mid-morning and I was the ONLY person there. My favorite part was the trees. They were gigantic and being close to them gave me a buzz that started at my feet and rose through my whole body. It was beautiful. I got alone time with my camera, a personal interaction with the ruins, and the only thing that drove me away was the killer mosquitos.

Tiffany JacotComment