Tlatlauquitepec, Mexico.

My shortest PLOG to date. Tlatlauquitepec. The town I got my f*hking passport stolen in. I wanted to write a blog that set the plot for such an occurrence, but the truth is I was stupid and had my wallet in an easy place to grab. It happened somewhere in-between the bus station and my hotel. I didn’t even noticed it happened, and even after I did notice, I’m not sure I even processed it. I didn’t cry. I didn’t freak out.It “should have” been a tragedy but it wasn’t. I just did what was needed to make my departing flight to the United States, that was only five days away, with the least amount of help.. It turned out to be an incredible witness to my strength and the kindness of others humans who didn’t even speak the same language as me. I had a single day to get a new passport with no money and no means to get any for sometime, and I did. That was it. The rest is just a handful of photos.

Tiffany JacotComment